Ontayaki Pottery Village

We are lucky to be in Kyushu, as it homes some of the most famous pottery styles and techniques in all of Japan. One of these is Onta-yaki, a small town rich in decades of pottery history. On a cool, cloudy weekend day, we took a 2 hour drive to Onta. As we drive, we …

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Cooking Rice in a Nabe and Local Seafood

Seafood is a surprisingly affordable product in grocery stores, and there's a great variety available to us here. Not all attempts of cooking has been what I'd call a success, but it's a fun experience nonetheless. One way we've learned to cook with seafood is with a hot pot, or nabe (なべ) as it is …

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Grape Picking in Ajimu, Oita Prefecture, on Lost in Kyushu

Grape Picking in Ajimu

Oita is lush with various fruits, and one in particular are grapes. A 30 minute drive from Usa takes us to Ajimu, an area famous for grape growing and award-winning wineries. Within this district is 歩くように (Able to Walk), a grape growing house, that we (myself and other English teachers) decide to visit one rainy …

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